Library Services

Books: Bestsellers, Non-fiction, Fiction, Large Print, Paperbacks, Young Adult, Children’s Fiction and Non-fiction

Magazines and Newspapers

Media: Audio Books, CDs, Children’s CDs, Playaways, DVDs, Children’s Movies

Other Services: Interlibrary Loans,  Public Computers, Internet Access Copy Machine, Fax Machine, College Information, Voter Registration,  Income Tax Forms, Meeting Room, Telephone Renewals, Online Catalog, Weekly Children’s Programs, Golden Buckeye Sign-up, Home Delivery for Shut-ins.


Collection Features

  • 28,000 Volumes of Adult and Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • SMIK Memorial Art Collection
  • Fredrick Swan Collection of Swedenborg Religious Works
  • 4,000 DVD Titles
  • 2,000 Books on CD for Adults and Children, Playaways for Adults
  • 100 Magazine Titles
  • High School Reading List Books
  • Toys to Go

Loan Policy

  • Books, Audio Books – Books on CD, Playaway, Musical Recordings, TV Series, and Magazines Circulate for 21 Days
  • DVDs Circulate for 7 Days
  • New Items Circulate for 14 Days

Fine Policy
Fines are 10¢ a day for all items except New Movies, which are $1.00 a day.

Phone Renewals are always welcome! Just leave a detailed message including your name and we will take care of it as soon as we can: (440) 563-3340