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We are fortunate to have Melissa Johnson back with us for a short while.  She’ll be with us while she’s completing her practicum for her Applied Communications Bachelor’s degree. A practicum is very similar to an internship.

Melissa normally can be found at Grand Valley public library in Orwell, where she serves as the Teen and Young Adult services librarian, however, her practicum won’t allow her to complete her hours where she works.  She will be with us at varied hours for a total of 150 hours.  Melissa can help patrons with technology issues, as well as things like resumes and Microsoft office applications.  It is advisable to set up an appointment with her because her hours are extremely varied, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Call the library for more info or to inquire about Melissa’s availability. Don’t forget, Christy, our regular staff member, can also help you with all your technology and computer related issues.

Welcome Back Melissa!!